How act transparently in Dial-Peer configuration ?

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Hi experts

I need help in configuring dial peers.
I work in a voip company and there are lots of other companies which are our customers and we transit their calls to their carriers.

CompanyA (IP:  ----------> Our company( ------------> CarrierA(

for example company A (our customer) wants to send calsl to carrier A, it should send the calls to us and we send their calls to their carrier.
(there is a situation here which they cannot send their calls directly to their carriers )

we use dial peers to route their calls
we assign each company a prefix so we can recognize their calls and use the appropriate dial peer to route the calls to the appropriate destination (carrier).

the Question is :
the carriers see our IP2IP gateway (the one which the dial peers exists on it) ( and the carrier should allow our IP address in their system (access lists ... softswitchs and ...)

I want to know that is there any way which allows us to act completely transparently so the carrier see the calls from companyA (  instead of our gateway (

we act transparently in codec, so is there any way to act transparently  in IP address ????

thanks in advanced
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3 possible options to "sort-of" accomplish this:
1) if CustomerA and CarrierA have suitably compatible endpoints - simply ROUTE the VoIP traffic instead of Voice gatewaying it.  This of course would require additional allowed ACLs and routing entries at both Customer A and Carrier A.
2) use a switched endpoint-to-endpoint type VoIP protocol between CustomerA and CarrierA.  i.e. use H323 connections, controlled or switched by your voice gateway but the actual H323 endpoint call streaming connection is directly between CustomerA and CarrierA equipment.   This would require some form of ip link between CustomerA and CarrierA, either direct or routed through you (as above).
3) duplicate or copy the IP address segment of CustomerA in your Company connection to CarrierA using NAT.  i.e. if your customer is using create a link through a second router with a subnet on the other side, which then connects to the carrier as  - this would require some very careful/fancy routing and NAT rules in place.

Timothy EstesSr. Voice Engineer
If you want enpoints on customer A network to use your IP-IP GW as the setup but the carrier as the endpoint, you're looking for the Media Flow-Around function in CUBE.

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