Time Out Expired Error in Asp.net Web Application

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I am using Sql server 2005 as backend for Asp.net web based applications.
I am using one sp for One report.It is getting around 4 thousand records.
When i execute query in browser it is working fine and I am able to view report data in my Server
But problem is when i am accessing report in Client Url(Connected to client server),I am getting following error.
Timeout Expired.The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding
What is the problem,How can i solve it.
Very Urgent.

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Increasing the timeout is one option.

The other is to try to improve the efficiency of the stored procedure.  Both its code and the DB layout (indices, how up-to-date the statistics are, etc.) can give problems.

If you want to try to work on that side, please post the procedure so one of us can comment on it.



Hi Thanks for reply ,i got the solution by incresing the time out period for Data Adapter in Code behind
da.SelectCommand = cmd
da.SelectCommand.CommandTimeout = 0
Looks like jinal's solution worked for you then.  Sounds good!

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