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Currently we are using outsourced email. We have had so many problems with the outsourcing that we have ordered hardware and software to setup our own email. Until that is accomplished we have a serious problem.

If we use the outsourced smtp server for outgoing mail some of our clients do not receive the email and have told us it is our problem to correct that their email is working for everyone but us.

I have set up our own smtp2 server to send mail and all of our clients can recieve our email. However, using our smtp2 server we cannot send email to other members of our company or to oursevles. The logs on our smtp2 server show that the email has been sent but it never is recieved by our company.

example: I send an email to myself. Our smtp2 server shows the email has been sent. No errors in my outlook or on the smtp2 server. I never receive the email I sent.

Any suggestion on a short term solution. I need something working by monday.
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Hi jimmylew52,

from your question, i can see that you have two email servers, one that is sending outbound messages, and the other is hosting your mailboxes.
to better answer you question, can you please tell me which email server are you currently using ?

a quick work around that may solve your problem is to make sure that your Domain Name DNS Zone for example has an MX Record and an A Record of the email server responsible for hosting the SMTP transport service.

If your SMTP Email server name is, then you need to create an A Record on the public DNS Zone pointing to the IP Address of that server, also, you need to create an MX Record pointing to that A Record.

did you try to send an email to yourself from hotmail or yahoo ?



Not really 2 full email servers. Smtp2 is only a smtp server it will not receive mail. The outsourced service is fusemail. They have our mailboxes.

You are saying I should have an mx record for the smtp2 server? Since it does not receive email I do not understand what good that would do. Plesae explain.

Smtp2 does have an A record for it on our DNS zone.

I can send email from hotmail to my company address with out problems. Hotmail does not use our smtp2 server. Only mail sent from our smtp2 (and some of our clients) server have problems reaching the fusemail accounts.
I see, your problem lies in the SMTP2 Outbound server since you can receive emails from hotmail with no problem.
since SMTP2 is your server , i think that fusemail SPAM filter is blocking your SMTP Outbound server and is identifying it as SPAM. to make sure of that, you need to do the following:
1- Contact FuseMail
2 - Open - and then use it to identfy if your IP address has been reported as SPAM if yes, use the site to remove your listing from the SPAM list., i think that the powerful SPAM Filters at Fusemail is blocking your SMTP Server, it happens.
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Fusemail says t use their smtp server to correct the problem. We can send email to our own email addresses thru fusemail but not to some of our clients (the reason for smtp2 to be used in the first place).

spamhaus does not hae smtps's ip address reported as spam.

I think you are right that fusemail is blocking ur smtp2 server bt they are unwilling to work with us. One of the reasons for purchasing inhouse exchange.
Problem is S.O.P. for a simple mail server.  Fusemail is so slow and buggy (and cheap), I can see why they're not willing to play ball.  They're getting $2/ way they're going to change anything for a small customer.

1. I am receiving SMTP server
2. I am sending SMTP server for
3. Somebody is sending me mail from "", but it is not coming from my SMTP relay
4. therefore is is a spoof or spam

The way around it is to use the "smarthost" or similar settings for your in-house SMTP relay.

Don't send directly via DNS and the internet.  Most SMTP relays (including Microsoft's) will allow you to point to an upstream SMTP relay, and use a name/pwd login, and send all under that account.

You will have to be aware that all outbound messages use that account (which may appear in log files and the mail headers).  Also, some SMTP relays have a cap at XX messages per day.  Ten people relaying with one account may exceed that limit.
Listen, i want you to try something for me:
please enter your SMTP2 Public address in that list and see if your IP Address is blocked.


All report OK

Then i think that FuseMail is denying your email trafiic becayse they are the ones responsible for sending emails for your domain name.


I think you are right


Problem is not resolved but I am convinced at cannot be due to email provider not being willing to cooperate.

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