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I am trying to creating an Access Database for a Child Day care that stores all the vital information for the student such as, name, guardian(s), DoB, classroom.  So far you can use any contact management template database and change a few fields to get the results.  The problem that I'm having is a way to manage the finances of the students.  

Essentially I'm looking for a software/database package to run a day care/school operation.

I want to be able to monitor tuition, payments, late fees, partial payments, etc...

Can Access even do this without a lot of "behind the scene coding"?
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There are a lot of "pre-packaged" solutions out there, but none of them compare to building your own so you can customize it to EXACTLY how you do business. What features are the other applications you've looked at missing that you need?
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"without a lot of "behind the scene coding"?"
No.  Any professional, user friendly Access database application is going to require a significant amount of code.  There is just no way around it.

This product:

has evolved since the early days of Access ... and includes the source code so you can customize the application. You might check it out.

I'm not sure if the "pre packaged" software are missing anything that we need, it is just more of a convenience of support and if anything goes wrong.  Our current DB was written in FoxPro and it REALLY old, so was looking to create/buy our own.  I've worked/created DB for numerous reasons but it may be the case this time that a "PrePackaged" software might need to be bought.

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