Crystal Reports 2008 "Unhandled win32 exception occurred in crw32.exe" error

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In Crystal Reports 2008, when I choose a parameter in the Select Expert, the following error ocurrs and Crystal Shuts Down.  

"Unhandled win32 exception occurred in crw32.exe"

Any ideas?
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To add more description:
This only occurs when I put in a Parameter in Crystal 2008 regardless of if the parameter is Dynamic or Static.

I have tested on OLEDB and ODBC to a SQL Database.  
Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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How are you calling the report?



Straight through Crystal....nothing special.

I have tried an ODBC and an OLEDB connection, but nothing works.  Crystal throws the unhandled Win32 exception error.
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More information:
I am fairly certain the error is being thrown when the parameter prompt is called.  I get the authentication prompt for the database, and pass that fine.

However, the parameter prompt never appears and I get the "Unhandled win32 exception occurred in crw32.exe" error and Crystal closes.

The machine does NOThave IIS installed, so I was thinking that the parameter prompt was a web page rendered, but it looks like a windows form.
Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet Software

Parameter rendering depends on IE.  Make sure the machine has IE installed.  You may need to allow scripting in IE.



IE is installed, and Active scripting is Enable for the Internet Zone.  But, it still throws the same error and exits Crystal.  Any other ideas?
The problem was the version of Crystal Enterprise and Crystal Developer installed on the same server.  When I installed Crystal Developer on a different server, it worked fine.

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