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I like to include a page search for a very large homepage.
The technik I've to use is simular like the one from Google, enter the first chars and a DropDown will suggest you some results.
I don't know who Foogle do this but it looks like Ajax to fill the DropDown on the fly.
However I think this would't be the problem I think more about how to get the data and to store them to get the results fast enougth.
Is there an engine to collect all informations from a side and what back end to use - SQL Server?


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Use ajaxcontroltoolkit.

In that control called autocompleteextender . This you can use with webserivce in


Thanks jinal like I wrote about I have more a problem about the right way to collect the data from the homepage and make they accessable for a fast way.
Well, I thinks there won't be a faster way to get them from SQL Server but for collecting them I've really no idea.
Manuall copy any text from every page will take couple of weeks ...

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