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Henry Vandersteen
Henry Vandersteen used Ask the Experts™
Hi, I have an intermittent problem thats been plaguing me for awhile now.  Sometimes for a few minutes, IE8 is very slow , appears to hang, never gets to webpage. I had the same problem with IE7 , thats why I went to IE8. Originally I thought the problem was a lost DSL connection. So I installed Google Chrome and did a test. Whenever my IE was not responding I would try chrome, worked fine, even with the same URL, wham worked fine instantaneous. Then a few minutes later IE would come back. Its really irratating. I'm running XP, have all the service packs and updates, am running anti-virus, with updates etc etc.
I know, so why not stay with chrome, well thats not an answer to the problem.
I appreciate your thoughts.
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Hello HenryV1955,

Please try one of the following:
1- Run IE with No add on's mode (Safe mode), this should disable on add in's and thus narrow the issue  (Start -> programs -> accessories -> system tools -> Internet explorer (no add ons)
2 - try disabling the following active X controls:
a-Shockwave flash object
b - Silver light

usually, such thing is caused by the add ons (as it is the only thing that remains after upgraing to IE8.
i've faced the exact problem and the solution was to upgrade the Flash add on to the latest one from website.

Thank you,
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1)  Uninstall any third party Toolbar, such as Google Toolbar.
2)  Read this reference.
3)  Have you cleaned out your Temporary Internet Files folder?


To Khaled and jcimarron
Thanks for your recommendations.
First add-ons was already disabled
I uninstalled Silver light.
Lets see what happens at this point, sometimes I need to work with IE for a couple of days to see if the problem occurs.
With regards to temp internet folders, I've never had to worry about that before, is this a known problem with IE8.
Same for adobe flash, many sites use flash objects, seems to me that if IE cant handle that, its a real problem.
Removing toolbars. Since IE allows for them, dont you think it should make sure its performance isnt affected.
I know, I know, all rational comments
Lets see what happens as I approach this one step at a time, otherwise , how will we know what the culprit is.
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HenryV1955--If you want to be able to pinpoint the cause and the fix, I agree to "one step at a time".
However, I am not going to respond to your doubts about the other suggestions.  They are all well-known potential fixes.  Uninstalling a third party toolbar is reversible, so if it does not help, reinstall.  Using DelDomains and deleting TIF will not hurt IE8 and should help even if not "the" problem.  


Hi jcimarron
I see your point. I could do all the ideas mentioned and slowly bring them back one at a time to pinpint the problem
To be fair,I'm also looking at who to award the points to for the solution.
Ok, I have run the delete browsing history option in IE and unistalled the google toolbar.


Difficult to say if this is in fact the solution. There may be other contributing factors, but I am prepared at least to award points based on solutiosn provided
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HenryV1955--I gather you tried most if not all the suggestions.  Is IE8 any faster now?

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