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Hey Guys,
I've got a SCOM 2007 infrastructure that I get to redeploy. I have access to an unlimited number of servers, licenses etc. The SCOM installation is put into active directory, that contains all of the information about workstations and users that I need. I need to monitor the following subset of information for about 700-1500 workstations.
 -> At any point in time, how many different users (and which ones) are currently logged into a workstation.
-> See what user is logged into what workstation.
-> See how long a user was logged into a workstation.
-> See how many users logged into the workstations during the course of a day.
-> See how many users logged into the workstations by the hour.
-> What hours of the day were the workstations used.

I believe the above can be accomplished with Auditing Services. I also need to generate reports and mail them out daily/monthly, which I believe can be done in the Reporting Services role.

Can someone confirm that this IS possible with SCOM, and then tell me what packs, etc, that I'll need to obtain in order to do it?

Thanks Guys...
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Is there any other information I can add to make this question more answerable?
I believe it would be possible using Asset intelligence in SCCM, however i have never tried it


Thanks for your reply! It would seem that the article you gave me pointed to SCCM. However, the "OT" note at the bottom for SLAT seems to fit me pretty well!

Thank you! Full points awarded.

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