ADD THIS Button hanging my phishing filter  IE 7

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The code in my ADD THIS button on my homepage:
is hanging my phishing filter.  Go to that page in IE7 and notice it will be "stuck" saying "1 item remaining" to download.   I know it is the ADDTHIS code because as soon as I "hover" over the addthis button on the page, the filter stops and page finishes.   Can someone please fix my ADDTHIS button code so that it doesn't clog my phishing filter?  Thank you.

THe ADDTHIS button on the page is the one that says "Share And Bookmark".
<!-- AddThis Button BEGIN -->
<a href="" 
        style="text-decoration:none;" class="content_text"
        onmouseover="return addthis_open(this, '', '[URL]', '[TITLE]');" 
        onclick="return addthis_sendto();"><img 
        width="16" height="16" style="border:none" alt="Share" /> Share And Bookmark</a>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="">
</script><!-- AddThis Button END -->

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is it just me or is the whole ADDTHIS website the same?  
I go here: and refresh the page a few times...and it doesn't clear the phishing filter either  (make sure your mouse is in the upper left hand corner of the screen when you hit refresh on their homepage)


Commented: hangs my filter the third time i hit refresh, on 2 different computers.  just me??
Top Expert 2009

No, it is not just you. This behavior is very common with the fishing filter and it is very annoying. As you may have noticed, as soon as you do something (hover over the share and bookmark) then the phishing check goes away. The code executes an HTTP request under the hood. The phishing filter is waiting on this to happen, but as long as nobody executes that javascript code, the filter waits.

Annoying, but unfortunately not much you can do. It is a typical MS problem. You may try to execute the javascript prior to hovering, not sure if that would work...
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Looking again, a bit more closely at your code, I find two things:

1. You are not using the latest version. Change 200 into 250 on both occurrences
2. With the latest version the eternal loading prb still appears. Apparently that's to do with flash cookies, you can disable them.

How to do so is explained in this forum article:

To see it in action, both with the bug and without the bug, check this page that I mocked up to test your scenario in search of a solution:

-- Abel --

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