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This is a mutliplart question, but hopefully simple to follow. I need to move my VMs to another Data Store from my ESXi host / node, so I can upgrade the host harware. Quick background; we have a Dell T605 server running ESXi, with 1 RAID 5 array. We are going to upgrade the current RAID and add another RAID 1, using the RAID 1 for the console and the RAID 5 for our data store. We have another ESXi host on line now, and the main quaestion is what is the best way to move the VMs to the temporary host, while we upgrade the main host. The VMs do not need to be running, just what is the best way to copy them from one host to another? Once copied back to the main host, how ca we add these VMs back into our inventory? We have researchd moving the VMs using Fast SCP, and tested, works well, but we cannot figure out how to add this to our VM inventory in the VI Client cousole. Currtenlty we are testing using Vcenter converter. Not sure what the best, and quickest way is to perform our data copy / backup.

Thanks for your help and thoughts&
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Yeah you are right you can use fastscp, see steps below

1. Commit all snapshots or delete them in VIC to make overall size smaller so copy is faster
2. Shutdown all VMs
3. Remove all VMS from inventory, dont delete from this, you can do this in VIC
4. By using FastSCP(which you already did) copy those VMs folders under /vmfs/volumes/datastore_X/VM_folder_X to target disk
5. Assuming the target disk is actually a known datastore in target esx, browse the datastore and re-register each VM by right clicking .vmx file
6. The registered VM will be in inventory and you are ready to start it

Note: Did you try using http://www.veeam.com/vmware-esxi-fastscp.html ? This is a great tool as the copying is a lot faster

Let me know if anything is not clear



Thanks for the clarification. I have been able to move my VM's and will continue with the hardware upgrades. Much thanks to you!

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