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I'm getting ready to put my CD collection, nearly 700 disks, up for sale. I need to export my list of ALBUMS to an excel file. It's obvious the creators of iTunes never thought about this there doesn't appear to be a way to eliminate the songs from the listing.

It would make perfect sense, to me anyway, if there was a way to expand/contract the listing like a file directory. I need a method other than going through nearly 8000 songs by hand. Just scrolling through the list takes quite a while. Any help is most appreciated.

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If your collection is well structured you can do the following
Export the playlist to excel
Select the song number column
Activate the auto filter
From the drop downbox select 1
Now you have only the first song of your albums
Copy the visible area to another spreadsheet
Delete the columns you don't want


Pretty slick!! I'll give that a shot when I get home.
PS You wouldn't be interested in buying the collection would you?  ;^)

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