Accessing crashed hard disk

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WinXP Home.
My hard disk has just crashed (Boot failure) but the disk is still  accessible but I can't boot from it.

I have purchased a new hard disk and installed my WinXP.
The old disk will still works  so I have put it in as a slave drive but I can't access all areas of it because I get ACCESS DENIED to some parts.
I know all my passwords - how can I access all of my file on the old hard disk?
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Did you create the same username and password on the new PC? Also...did you attempt to repair the old hard drives OS? anything on the old hard drive encrypted?
Log on as Administrator and in Explorer, right click on  drive and check the permissions. The Everyone group should have full control permission under the Security (NTFS permissions) tab.

You can even try...just in case...using GetDataBack Data Recovery Software. If you still some how can't access your data.
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Its possible that I haven't created the new profiles exactly.
My own profile was NOT SHARED so other profile users could not access mine files (I suppose that they could have just 'switched user' but these other users would not have known how to do that!). So now I get an ACCESS DENIED when trying to open the folder on the slave HDD (my old drove is now a slave drive!).
Nothing is encrypted/ Really anybody in the  know could have accessed my profile by simply clicking on my name on the welcome page!!


SInce I have not encrypred the files and that they were prevented from access (no passwords anywhere) from inside somebody elses profile do I have a chance to recover my old files?

Get a hold of a Live Linux CD, and a big USB hard drive.

Boot from the CD, copy what you need from the old drive to the USB drive (which for convenience's sake, should be using FAT32 filesystem).

Remove CD, reboot, and there you go.

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