SONICWALL TZ210 and Sonicpoint N - Good combo?  Need info on setting this up.

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I need to implement a wireless network over a large home.  I am considering a Sonicwall TZ210 and 4-8 sonicpoint N's.   Does that work as a good combo?  Can the TZ210 run multimple sonicpoints?

The goal is to have everywhere in the house be a hotspot and not have it drop the connection when moving between access points.  

When you have a bunch of access points (like linksys) the battle to be the active WLAN and when you get close to one it drops the connection and jumps to the closest one.. which interrupts service.

I need info about this and setting it up as well.  Previously I have set up many linksys/netgear gateway/wireless systems, but they are not as advanced as Sonicwall.  

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You will continue to have the same issue.  What some do, is to have all their access points use the same channels and SSID names. This way, as you roam, it should become seamless.


I know that sonic points can be set up to "act as one" with the 240 or 2400 firewalls.  I wanted to know if the TZ210 could do the same as the 240 or 2400
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I hope you're still reading these but did you have success with this? We are running a TZ210 with 2 Sonicpoint N's "acting as one". We struggled big time with it until the firmware update that was released at the end of November. Everything began working great but now we're having wireless client periodic disconnect once a week or two. It's very odd. It will be stable for maybe a week or two and then one day everything will go nuts. We will reboot the Sonicpoint N's and everything is fine.
Hello, CUBLA1-

I am having the same issue with my TZ240 and 8 Sonicpoint-N APs.  it seems to be a weekly occurrance, and a reboot of the AP immediately resolves the issue.


Meanwhile, it's possible to download the newest firmware (5.6.3) With this firmware it's possible to create VLAN (and VAP's as well)

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