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My car has a JVC am-fm-cd player and the harness looks factory installed but it may be generic.
The volume has been in and out. I'm driving a long and put on brakes no sound, accelerate again and got sound, it continues to go in and out as I drive. Then on a job, my helper had to drive my car while I drove the truck.
When we arrived he had my stereo blasting away with his music. I said how did you get the volume to work? He said, he turned the sound up. It has a digital volume indicator and higher than 25 is pretty loud. After the job it lasted a day or so and went back to the in and out, especially when braking or accelerating. So, my helper got lucky or maybe a loose wire. I removed the stereo today and saw the harness and no loose wires, except a black wire from the stereo. I grounded it and all I got was a non music sound from the rear speakers. I popped the front off the stereo, push all buttons, turned the volume all the way up etc. Nothing no volume. Could this be an internal problem to the stereo itself? I really thought it was a loose wire with the way it would react when applying brakes or accelerating causing the wires to touch and not touch. But it seems not. Any help here?
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Does the volume fade in and out as you are driving? or it it clicking on and off?
Clicking on and off could be a loose or breaking wire, but fading up and down could be many things. Perhaps a bad earth or maybe a corroded fuse?
it is not fading in and out, slightly abrupt stopping and going of the car makes the volume flicker as if there is a loose wire. I removed the radio from the car and found no loose wire. Presently there is no volume at all, but on the front of the unit, you can see the volume indicator fluctuating on the screen, just no sound. Front and rear speakers but it may be possible only one is hooked up and one of the the wires near that speaker has come loose.
Another thing to check is the wire connections in the adapter itself. On a couple of occasions I've seen where my external connections are fine, but the connestors in the plastic plug have come loose. If all of your connections are ok, and you're hooked to the right wires, then it sounds to me like you've got something wrong inside the head until itself. Do you have another old radio you could hook up and try? If you hook it up and it works fine, the head unit is bad. If you hook it up and the problem persists, you've got bad wiring somewhere. Also, many cars now have factory amps installed. I have mostmcommonly seen them located in the trunk. You could have a loose wire or a problem with the amp. If the amp is loosing power or cutting out, you're going to loose sound as well.
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the car is a 1997 model and the unit is JVC and surely not factory installed. I do have another unit I can try if I can match the wires properly.
I removed the stereo and shook it at many different forces of shaking and got nothing. But, when I set it in the dash where it goes, without any screws holding it in, and start driving and bumps and slight movements in the car from braking, etc. will cause the volume to go in and out......where in and out is on and off.
It's like two loosely tied wires with no tape or wire nut and one second they make proper contact and the next second they do not.
Check speaker wires with an OHM meter or if you dont have one use a battery & torch bulb.
There may be broken wiring or worn insulation & shorting-out somewhere.

If you have any spare speakers lying around, try running a new wire directly from the head unit to the speaker and drive around and see if it still follows suit with the volume in and out. Make sure to unhook the other 3 speakers as well so that the one test speaker is the only one hooked up. If you're no longer getting the problem, then there's a problem in your speaker wiring or in the speakers themselves.
I've got most sound back now, I guess something, maybe wires, are now making better contact. I'll keep looking and trying things mentioned. Someone said they had a coin slip into the CD and down into the player and it would slide around and cause problems. Mine reacts to braking and accelerating of the car. If I happen to be in park and it is playing fine, I pull the unit out of it's hole with my hand and like magic no sound. I check all wires to all connectors and pull and wiggle wires and nothing.
Maybe a loose ground as someone said.
Check for any wires that may be pulled or touching pedals, also remove & shake stereo & speakers while playing it to find what is being effected by motion of braking and accelerating of the car.
Did you say a coin is inside the unit?I would check the power wire it may be installed wrong.Double check ground wire(black)if you used your own ground wire make sure its no more than 24 inches max 36.Make sure no other wires were spliced into power wire.
Do you have external devices amp etc....?
Do you have external devices amp etc....?
no, sorry,

 I'm still trying to get time to remove the speakers. It is playing most of the time now that it is just lying there in it's place instead of mounted, etc.
I pretty much has sound now.....some loss with certain movements of the car.

Now, when I apply my brakes hard, I get static from the rear speakers. Sound coming out the rear speakers but not loud enough to hear it over the front ones, so it seems I have sound out of all 4 speakers.
closing this and adding points and will try everything before getting a new unit.

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