How do I set-up a linksys router and a cisco asa5505 together

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Hello,  I am an engineer but limited in my knowledge of networking.  I was just given an 8-port cisco asa 5505 and I want to use it at home.  I have a linksys router as well for my wireless.  What needs to be done to configure the router and the ASA to work?  I can console to the ASA but I cannot ping the ip address which was assigned to the ASA.   Not really sure on the cable placement either.  Any help would be great, thanks
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why do you want the cisco asa 5505  for home?  
you have a linksys router and you can access the internet. what do you want this piece of kit to do for you? it seems abit over kill for the home. (its a fancy firewall,vpn and stuff extra security) its really meant for a data centre

if you are a home user I would seel it on ebay
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division
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Congratulations:) 5505 is a good firewall:Ö)
I also use at home, in my opinion to configure the asa to a firewall, and configure inside, outside, wifi security level!
You plug directly the ASA WIFI to LInksys! Please disable dhcp on linksys!

can you show me your config?

BEst regards,


I will send the config later tonight.  I had to box it up because I was moving.   Thanks ISTvan.
Head of IT Security Division
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ok, we are waiting for you:)

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