what impact will changing a computer name have on Win Server 2003?

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we replaced a computer on our Windows Server 2003 network, and had to keep both computers connected to the network for a while. so we were not able to keep the same name for the new PC, for the network to refer to the same computer resource.

Now we are ready to have only the new computer. Can I rename the new PC to the old name, without any 'side-effects'. The new computer is being used to login through RWW. So I want to make sure there is not something I am not thinking of,before making the name change on the computer, and updating that name on the server.

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To rename the computer, the best approach is to disjoin it from the domain by changing from Domain to Workgroup, remove the computer from the server in Active Directory Users and Computers, rename the computer, reboot, then re-join the computer to the domain.  This way, you won't get any problems down the line.


i got stuck where active directory is not showing/opening up properly, because of SP2 installation issues. Once that is resolved, I should be able to do this.

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