problem installing a WLAN driver on ubuntu (RPM problem)

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There's some urgency to this as i'm leaving on vacation in about 10 hours, but i might still be able to fix it there, i just wont have wired LAN access to download additional required software.


DWA-160 isnt detected automatically so i got the linux driver from the D-link website, but the instructions in there are probably for an older version of ubuntu/RPM.

I installed RPM and build-essential

then i try the command (from the instructions by D-link)

sudo rpm -ivh --force -nodpes otusdriver-3.2.0-X.i386.rpm

but i get an error that -nodpes is an unknown argument, so i try to do it without it, then i get an error that it needs the /bin/sh dependency, so i google that and end up trying some solutions like deleting the old /bin/sh and making a new one that symlinks with bash. but it doesnt work, still the same problem. so then i tried using --nodeps, and RPM actually starts working, and gets done preparing the RPM but then i get another error:

Installation of 0tus driver failed in Compile phase

error: %post(otusdriver-3.2.0-17.i386) scriptlet failed, exit status 255

then RPM closes down.

so what am i doing wrong?

I tried googling the error messages but it didnt come up with anything relevant.

ubuntu is the latest stable version and everything is up to date


edit: heh, i didnt realize -nodpes from D-links instruction manual must've been a typo, its getting late
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Yes it's suppoed to be -nodeps

other than that you could probably convert the package using alien
problem fixed - for some reason my internal wifi started working again. as for the USB wifi that i wanted help with in this question, i managed to install the driver using alien but still the USB wifi didn't work.

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