sound settings windows vista

ie7 used Ask the Experts™
laptop speakers are the default

want to use usb headphones

need to disable laptop speakers to use usb headphones
now cant use laptop speakers

need to restart computer to after enabling laptop speakers

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instead of disabling, go to sound --> playback options --> and set your device as default.
This works for me without restarting, but lets say you have already launched your web browser or your game you will need to relaunch it so the program can see your changes.
Just to clarify...

...what gamma1983 seems to be telling you, in case it's not clear (it certainly wasn't clear to me for a few seconds) is that if you set the headphones as the default audio device, and leave the speakers still enabled, then Windows will default to the headphones whenever they're present, but use the speakers when they're not.  So if you set the headphone to the default, Windows will simply use them whenever they're connected; and when you want to go back to speakers, just disconnect the headphones and, voila!, the speakers will be working again.

Just remember to ALWAYS use the "Safely Remove Hardware" method whenever you disconnect the headphones.

The other thing to think about is the audio drivers themselves, and whether they're really very well behaved.  If they're not, then all bets could be off.  By all means, go to either the web site of the computer maker (if it's one of the makers like HP, Gateway, Dell, etc.), or to the web site of the maker of the sound card (if it's a machine cobbled together by either you or a local computer store) and make sure that you have the latest, greatest audio software and drivers installed.  That, alone, could ameliorate the problem.

And, finally -- and you're not gonna' BELIEVE this -- as long as you're visiting manufacturer's web sites, make sure that your video drivers are the latest and greatest, too.  And if you're gonna' DO that, too, then do (updated) the video drivers first, then the audio drivers.  It seems counter-intuitive, but just as Internet Explorer affects other parts of Windows with which one might think it had nothing whatsoever to do, the same is true about video drivers and Windows.  You would not believe what not-quite-right video drivers will do to Windows.  I've seen completely-unrelated-to-video problems disappear by simply making sure that a brand spankin' new set of updated video drivers and software got installed on the machine.  Weird, eh?

Vista:  Oy.

Hope that helps.
Right-click on the speaker icon on the bottom-right of your screen, select Playback Devices, a smaller screen opens - top-left of your screen, RIGHT-click on a sound device, select disable or enable, whichever applies
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after disabling laptop speakers,  cant see speakers on "playback devices"   so cant click "enable"
Hi -
Same procedure as above, but RIGHT-click on any sound device  and select "Show Disconnected Devices".  That should keep the disabled speakers visible.

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