Sata drive doesn't show when installing Windows XP

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I have an Asus P5RD1-VM motherboard and I'm trying to re-install a 80 GB WD Hard Drive.  I'm using a Windows XP Home CD w/ SP2.  Windows doesn't see the drive and therefore can't install it.  I'm reinstalling Windows and had used a floppy and the F6 option during the original install, but I can't find the driver and was wondering if it might be on the hard drive (I can accessed the damaged install of XP on the drive slaving it in another machine).  Please either give step by step instructions to find the driver online or to find the driver on the existing drive.  Thanks in advance for your help!
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Is it a Sata or an IDE drive? It would be helpful to know.

In the mean time Try this (if you havent already):

Right click on My computer.

Select Manage.

Under "Storage" select disk management.

Do you see a drive with no letter?

If yes, what does it say?

Follow up and let me know...


It is a Sata drive.  The machine doesn't boot which is why I'm trying to reinstall Windows.  It starts about half way and reboots.
Sounds exactly like a driver problem to me. You do need the F6 driver option.
I've had a look at the driver downloads for that board, and it looks like you need the ULi chipset driver.
If you go to "", and type in P5RD1 in the top left search box, then click on your motherboard model (p5rd1-vm) on the page that loads, select XP in the pop-up box, click the + sign next to "Other1(1)", and download the "ULi Chipset Driver version" driver, you should be able to load it onto a floppy and use it during the boot up process.

Hope that helps you.
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Wow, it must be late, I didnt even look at your heading - its Sata.  Is it booting to windows but you cant see the drive after install?

Looks like jaduff has you covered - just glad to see you getting capable support...

Access bios page, in Advance, check the Serial ATA controler see if it is enabled? If, so, check the drive in Main see if it is detected correctly?
If you want you can use nlite and slip stream the sata drivers into a customized windows install disk and install like normal without using the floppy drive.
Ahmed ABDEL SALAMCloud Technical Solution Manager

Which Windows XP Version are you installing ? ( Normal , SP1 , SP2 ) bootable Disc ?
Ahmed ABDEL SALAMCloud Technical Solution Manager

Sorry didn't notice SP2 in your comment. So, What I advise to do is to open the Bios and
Enable the SATA drives.
Then boot from CD rom hit F6 when prompted and install sata driver as Jaduff: said above.

Windows XP doesn't support SATA drives will have to install the AHCI or "F6 Driver" as already mentioned by Jaduff...then Windows XP will find or see the SATA Drive...If you go into the BIOS and set it from AHCI or SATA to IDE Mode...then XP should see or find your drive and you can install Windows XP.
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Go on with JeremySBrown's suggestion. Changing from AHCI to to SATA must work for you.

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