Is there anyway to customize Dreamweaver CS4 to these settings?

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I'm new to Dreamweaver and Web Design, and I was hoping to use the software to be able to edit the CSS through a GUI and simultaneously see the CSS code change as I adjusted features.

However, Dreamweaver would just jump to the bottom of the CSS code everytime I changed something using the GUI; because of this I was unable to see how my changes were reflected in the code. I primarily wanted to use the software to help me learn how to use CSS, but this quirk has made the process a pain.

My second issue is with editing the CSS code on my second monitor. I already set the workspace to "dual monitors" but it only allows me to drag panels to my second monitor and nothing else. So I am at the mercy of the "code inspector" panel for CSS code, but that changes based on what I am doing on the main screen.  I would like it to stay on CSS the whole time.

Anyone have any ideas how I can customize my settings to better fit what I'm doing. If not, do you know of any Dreamweaver alternative that can do what I'm looking for.

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I should also mention that when I said that "I change something using the GUI"  I was changing CSS using the "Properties" panel.
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Are you in split view?
see below

If you want a neat way to mess with css, although this only lets you play with the code and you get instant feedback, try the web developer add on for firefox found here

I also note there's an explorer version
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Hi akromyk,

You should be able to edit the CSS in the CSS panel (not the same as the Code Inspector) and those changes will show in Design View right away.  See the screenshot below for the panel I am referring to.

Philip_Spark's advice is sound as well.  The Web Developer extension for Firefox as well as Firebug both allow you to experiment with different CSS on the fly.  My personal preference is Firebug, but YMMV.

However, DW can do what you want it to do.


That looks like an alternative to what I was doing before, but the "CSS Property" panel still has the same issues. When I edit the CSS properties through the panel GUI it is instantly reflected in the code, but the program still doesn't hone in on the code that was just edited in the code page, instead the code screen just jumps to the bottom of its page and then you have to go searching for the changed code yourself using the scrollbar.

Firebug and Web Developer from what I know also do a better of honing in on the CSS code when clicking around the design of the page. In Dreamweaver the code screen never moves unless you move it. It would be nice if it automatically jumped to show whats been edited rather then falling to the bottom of the page.

I am a novice so it is possible that I'm overlooking something, but it seems like Dreamweaver is missing this useful feature.
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My apologies, for I misread/misunderstood what you were looking to do.  

You want to see the CSS code change as you change it through the panels?  Why?  CSS is all variable: value pairs and the view you get from the DW panels is basically the same as the raw code.  You're not learning anything signficiant by seeing the code change.

.classname {
     cssproperty: propertyvalue;
     nextproperty: nextvalue;

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