i am unae ble to boot ultra 60 on slef test it ask me for firmware password that i don't have ??

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I am unable to boot sun ultra 60 as it ask for password even if I press stop A .Is there a way to clear the firmware password .?Any help is very much appreciated.
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You may want to try booting from a CD if possible. If you can get to the OS level, I have read the eeprom command can be used to reset openboot.

I'm not too familiar with actually rescuing a Solaris system, but I have done upgrades a few times booting from CD.
replace NVram battery will reset the password

remove and insert  back after 10-15 min . if this doesn't work then replace with new one..

Here is a link where it  stated replacing NVram battery will reset the password..

hope this help

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