Connect Linksys wrt54g to 2wire 2700hg-b

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Hello Experts,

I am trying to connect my linksys to my 2wire so that i can use the wireless on the linksys.  I am able to connect to the linksys and it appears to be connecting to the the 2wire, but I am unable to connect to the internet through the linksys.

Here are the settings on the linksys:

       Login Type:        Automatic Configuration - DHCP                  
        IP Address:                
        Subnet Mask:               
        Default Gateway:               
        DNS 1:

Under  2Wire 'Home Networks':

Connection Type:        Ethernet
IP Address:
IP Address Allocation:       DHCP
IP Address Type:       Private (NAT)
Hardware Address:       00:12:17:36:cf:f8
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place the 2wire in bridged mode and disable DHCP on the 2wire

that should do it


Plug the network cable from the 2Wire 'Home Networks': into the internet port of the linksys, and set the 2Wire 'Home Networks': to not dhcp, set linksys another ip like, allow this to be dhcp to your private network. Disable wireless network on 2Wire 'Home Networks'

Any updates?
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Found a precise answer to your question

ok, the process is easy, by placing th device in bridged mode, it will return all isp info to the wrt

Found the steps on

imagine, this is a post from 2003, the answer does require you to take a few steps though

- Clear the 2Wire to Factory State (hold little button on the back down for 30 seconds)
- Browse to
- Click on the broadband Link icon
- Click on Advanced settings
- Enter VPI 0 and VCI 35
- Click on Disable PVC Search
- Set Connection Type to Direct IP
- Click Submit/Save
- Browse to
- Click on Configure Services under the Advanced heading
- Uncheck the Enable Routing box
- Click Submit



Correction, from the post is from 2007

found more on the subject here

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