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Good Day,
I have windows 2003 R2 server. I have installed a terminal service and terminal license for 5 users and working fine.
but when I open Terminal service licencing, two license is installed there. First windows 2000 terminal service license-Per device-Unlimited and second windows 2003 terminal server license-per user-5 users.

Now more than 5 users are accessing the server means trial license which is valid for 90 days is working with unlimited connection.

But my question is how I will test the installed license which is for 5 users whether it is installed perfectly or not.

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If you can see yor licenses and your users are using it (it's displayed in ts license manager) - everything should be ok. You can also view in your TS configuration how TS detects his lcense server.
2000 per device licenses are displayed beceause Microsoft added such license to every copy of Windows 2000 Proffesional. Such licenses are not present in client systems but they are detected and serviced by all versions of TS license management.


when we install terminal sever, by default no need to install license for 120 days in windows 2003. but after installation of license which license will work in built license that is for 120 days or installed new license as in my case after installation of license, still in built license is working............so how can we test the installed license is perfect.........

1. Your terminal server has to know about your licensing server. It should find it automatically but you can enter license server name manually if you like
2. your licensing server has to know about licenses

And that's all.

They are communicating using mailslot mechanisms. It's not very reliable but ok for such use.
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You can run lsview.exe from the W2k3 Resource Kit to check if the LS is found correctly.
Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools

That aside, you're already violating the EULA. It is a misconception--a common one, but a misconception nevertheless--that you get a "free trial" period of terminal services. This is NOT the case, the 120 days are only a grace period, not a "free trial"; TS CALs are legally required from the time the first client connects:
"Terminal Server Grace Period
[...] This grace period is designed to allow ample time for the administrator to deploy a license server. It is not designed to provide for a period of 'free' access to a terminal server. Per the Windows Server 2003 EULA, licenses are required to be purchased in order to access a terminal server. There is no provision in the EULA for accessing a terminal server without the appropriate licenses. [...]"
Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server Licensing

The reason why more than 5 users can connect currently is that Per User TS CALs are not managed. Nevertheless, you will have to buy as many Per User TS CALs as you have users accessing the terminal server *at* *any* *time*. TS CALs are *NOT* concurrent, they are tied to one user, and the CAL will not be available for another user when the user logs off from the terminal server.
The Function of Terminal Server CALs in Windows Server 2003

The probably most concise guide about terminal server licensing:
The Ultimate Guide to Windows 2003 Terminal Server Licensing

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