Whats the Role of Crystal Report Developer in SDLC apart from developing reports

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Whats the exact role crystal reports developer in SDLC apart from developing reports.
Explain in Detail.
I need general job skills a report developer do apart from developing reports, what else he does.
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A fairly broad question.  Not sure there is a real definition of what the developer does that fits all situations.

How large a project?

How large a development team?

There are many things he could do.

If it is a project with hundreds of reports he might be fully employed simply developing and perfecting the reports.

In a smaller project he could be part of the requirements team to get/refine the requirements from the user.  At the very least he probably needs to review and comment on the requirements to ensure the requirements can be met and the reports can be developed in the given tool.

Part of the development process would be to design the reports.  In a small project the developer would probably also design them before implementing.  In a lrage project a team might do the design and another team do the implementation.

He could also be part of the test team and the ttraining team if the reports require training in use.

A project I worked on I had responsibility for all the reports.
Tasks I accomplished
Gathered and validated the requirements
Proposed a basic design and look
Implemented all the reports
Wrote all the SQL views and stored procedures for the reports
Modified tables to meet report requirements
Wrote the code that called the reports
Designed and implemented the parameter interface
     (In many cases we couldn't use the Crystal interface since many of the parameters were optional and depended on other information.)
Tested and debugged the reports and the code
Trained the user on the reports.

We had a 3 man development team and a medium size project.  We each had a specialty but also worked other areas of the project.



Thanks MLMCC
I got it and its very clear presentation.

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