How can I create C project in Microsoft Visual Studio?

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Is it possible to create simple C project in MS Visual Studio.
I was always workin with C# but now I need to create simple C project and I dont see how can I do it. There are only C#, J#, VB, C++ languages.

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yes you can,
File->New->project-->New project window-->under  Visual C++-->win 32-->win 32 console-->In win32 application wizard -->click application settings-->select empty project-->finish

place your files into the project directory

add your header and source .c and .h files to the project by selecting project right click -->add exitsting item and select your files and ok -->comple and run .
that's it.
adding C zone you can also get some more comments from experts
AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / Consultant

Further to masheik.

Think of C++ as C with extensions.  If you don't use the extensions then you are using C.

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