Godaddy Dedicated Linux Server with remote Barracuda Spam Filter Appliance

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         I am currently maintaining a website for a customer, and am using Godaddy hosting with a Barracuda Spam Filter installed in the office. Currently the MX record on Godaddy has a A Record pointing to the IP of the Barracuda Spam Filter. It also has a @ MX 16 mail record and e-mail from SMTP and POP work fine. Currently the PHP Mail script I use no longer works after setting up the Spam Filter, and I am assuming that is because the Barracuda Spam filter does not have a mail server? Is there a way I can structure the MX records to fix this, or can someone suggest a better solution? Thanks.
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How is your script trying to connect to the barracuda spam filter?

How would your client configure an email program to send mail if they were working at a remote office - are SMTP facilities availalbe?

I would be configuring my php scripts to send mail out directly from the web server, using the mail() function.

Otherwise if you are trying to do any complex mailing you should have a look in to PHPMailer:
Required another DNS entry.

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