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i'm working in a big company that we have over that 50 Network printer konica c 450 and konica c 451 . but we faced a big problem that the user get out the paper from the printer's tray ? does there any solution for lock this tray and kept the printing procedures ?
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Unfortunately not my firend. I actually rang up Konika Support a while ago to discuss this but it is currently not a feature in any of their BIZHUB Models. I used to work for a university and had the same issue. You might wanna try some DIY (Do it yourself) tricks like tying a metal chain around it.

If you do not mind spending a couple of hundred dollars get someone to make a PRINTER CAGE for you. These work great. You allow full working access to the users from the TOP and the CAGE is only placed around the printer. When you want to access the printer to add paper etc, you just open the door of the CAGE and get access to the essentials.

I agress with gsnshankar answer

CORRECTION: I agree with gsnshankar answer

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