how I can get the GSM tower info. in J2ME  ?

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I want to know if there any code in J2ME that can get the GSM tower info. like channels of the GSM tower and the distance between the tower and my nokia phone  and more info. about it ;
as i want to build GPS program using the GSM towers info.

or is there any way to get the channels and distance .
I found C++ app do this, but i want it in J2ME ...
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that information is not available to the phone, so it's not available to you.


I mean that i want to know how to get  the cell properties like CELLID , LAC , network signal or channel , napper signals or channels and more info. about the cell

I use System.getProperty() method and get the cell id but the others return null ( like the local area code )

is there any code can help me to get the LAC and (network or cell) signal and there nappers.

Try: System.getProperty("")
Only works on:
S60 3rd Edition FP 2
Series 40 5th Edition FP 1 or later.

"Returns current GSM location area code (LAC) as a string. The SIM card must be inserted and service acquired in order to return a LAC value, otherwise returns null."


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