Cold Fusion Needs Background Applet Keyword, e.g. background-applet: url(applet.html);

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To display a background image using Cold Fusion:
      background-image: url(image.jpg);
Though it does not yet exist, the logical generalization of this capability would be something like:
      background-applet: url(applet.html);
That way one could have an interactive or autonomous applet in the background of a web page rather than just an image.
background-applet: url(applet.html);
Add to this background applet support in Cold Fusion and the next dimension in internet content will have been opened.  I would expect it to be only a matter of time before something like this gets implemented.
In the meantime if someone knows how to implement this using current technology, that would be truly impressive.

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this has nothing to do with CF whatsoever. CF is server-side technology. it DOES NOT process or render HTML - that's what a browser does. what you are talking about is purely HTML and is governed by HTML and CSS standards.  the new ones (HTML5 and CSS3) have this ability, though not exactly this way.

HTML5 and CSS3 is not yet widely supported by browsers, though parts of both are implemented in the newest versions of FF, Safari and Chrome.

a currently available alternative is various javascript frameworks like jQuery, Prototype and others. for example, jQuery has numerous amazing plug-ins that allow you to manipulate pretty much any DOM element in various ways.



Although a brief survey of jQuery capabilities suggests potential paths to a solution (e.g. those at, none of the live examples looks like they could be made to work in the background of a web page.

The specific goal I have in mind is to launch an applet associated with a background image that responds to mouse movements while the user is interacting with the foreground elements - the usual links, buttons, tabs, etc one would normally find on a web page.  For example, how would I make the attached HTML snippet operate in the background in association with the background image?
<APPLET archive="Effects.jar" code="Effects" width=1280 height=848>
	<PARAM NAME="image"       VALUE="Images/MyImage.jpeg">
	<PARAM NAME="fps"         VALUE="100">
	<PARAM NAME="boxborder"   VALUE="false">
	<PARAM NAME="centerimage" VALUE="true">

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This nice-to-have feature needs to find its way into an internet standard so that infrastructure providers can implement and support it.

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