How do I free up some space on my Sony Vaio UX Micro Computer?

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I have a Sony Vaio UX Micro PC. It has a 30GB internal HDD. It has Vista Business running on it.

The issue that I have is that there is not enough free space to run anything. I have done all the usual housekeeping:

Deleted Temp Files
Emptied Recycle Bin

In addition I have a 1TB and a 500GB external drive housing my ITunes and photos etc.

I do have a lot installed on the machine, Office etc but when I do a *." search and look for large file sizes, nothing is jumping out.

Any suggestions for programs that remove old updates, installaition files etc?

Am at a loss. I also cannot find the OEM CD, so am stuck to do a complete re-intsall. Guessing that Microsoft will not send me another one out? Any idea on that too would be apprecaited.


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Try CCleaner. You leave the default options ticked and run the cleaner, if you still do not have enough space, you can tick extra options, but just be careful.
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Most PC's don't come with installation or OEM CD's, they rather have a recovery partition from which to restore the system to factory defaults to, and they also have a tool installed with which you can create recovery DVD's. That is the first thing I'd do, check your manuals or installed software on how to create such DVD's. Once you have that store the disks away safely. If there is no such option, check with sony, they would normally send you such media and the price is usually less than retail versions of Vista. If that isn't possible either, use a tool like bootit-ng to create an image of the installation to one of your external drives, you can then copy those images to DVD's or CD's so you can easily restore the system.

Only after you have cleared that up I'd look further. Use the disk cleanup wizard in Vista which will be able to regain some space. After that disable your windows-update service, then delete the contents of the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Datastore and C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads folders. These contain the downloaded windowsupdates and servicepacks. After that you can enable the service again.

I'd also move the contents of the C:\Windows\Installer folder to one of your external drives. If I'm not mistaken that folder contains backups of files that got updated with windowsupdates. If you ever need them you can always copy them back.


I am so thankful to you both! I have 1.62GB available. Really good answers and used combination. Hugely impressed.

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