howto configure profiles in Linksys Wireless G WPC54G

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I've had a linksys wireless G for my Acer XP laptop for several years. I've never been able to setup and save profiles other than 'default'. I'm finally fed up and I want to figure out out to do this.

I have attached an image of the Profiles tab of the network monitor setup screen. Options at the bottom include new, edit, import, export, delete. When I click NEW, I get the "Create Connection Profile" dialog as show which asks for a new name. Seems simple enough. However, it doesn't work as I expect from this point. After entering a new name it takes me to the list of available networks. I have to click 'connect', then enter the security code. When done, it has not created a new profile, but instead has replaced whatever I had in 'default'.

What am I doing wrong?

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It looks like you already have 2 profiles, default and netwifi, the procedure you outlined is correct, however, be aware that if you create a new profile but choose the same network from you list of available networks, it will replace your default profile as you can only have one profile per available network.


Well, there was something else in "default" before I just clobbered it with the TECOM-AH... network. I wanted to create a new profile for this network, not replace my default.

Shortly I will be travelling to a different location where there is another network that I want to add to my profiles. I will attempt to add that one to my list, but it will probably clobber the current 'default'

> be aware that if you create a new profile but choose the same network from
> you list of available networks, it will replace your default profile

Are you saying I should configure the profile before connecting to it?


Nope, not working. I went to a different location. clicked 'new' for the profile setup, typed in a name (lille), selected the network (freebox), connected. and poof, it did not create a new profile and instead, as usual, clobbered the previous default (see picture in previous posting) with the new profile.

So, can I or can I not store multiple profiles with this setup form? I don't know where the netwifi profile came from, and I don't recall putting it in. Maybe I did once upon a time, but I must have done something different.

Any thoughts?
After much mucking about, I've figured out a way to save profiles. Forget about the 'profiles' tab. 'Edit' and 'New' on this tab will ask you for a profile name, but ignore it. They will always clobber whatever you have in "default". 'Delete' will let you delete all but the "default" profile. So, this tab can be used to delete non-default profiles and change your default profile.

To save a named profile, first connect to the network using the 'Site Survey' tab. Then, go to 'Link Information' and click on the "More Information" button. There will be 3 buttons on the 'More Information' page one of which is "Save to Profile" (see picture). Clicking that button will prompt you for a profile name and will actually save the profile to that name and NOT clobber the default profile.

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