Unable to delete file, filename too long.

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I am trying to remove some users shares from an SBS2008 server, and i have a stuck file that i cannot delete. It has come from a mac, and has a massive filename of a list of zeros and a .txt extension. When i try to delete it in DOS i get a filename is too long error. I have tried deleting it by using a *.txt wildcard, but that gives the same error, i am unable to delete the folder containing it and when i try a dir/x it doesn't actually give me a shortened version of the filename.

Help please, this is increadibly irritating, seems completely idiotic for an OS to let you create a file you can't delete!!
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1. Move all other files from folder.  Delete the folder.

2. Use http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/
Sometimes when I have this, it will let me rename the file, and then delete it.

Also can you access it from the mac and remove it?


Ah hadn't thought of that, yes i just logged in via a mac and deleted it. What a PITA nothing would delete that file, either in explorer or DOS, and no rename either!

Thanks for that!

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