Could not contact the DSCC agent (Create New Directory Server using DSCC)

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This is on  Solaris 10 x86 installation.

I did install Directory server EE but I'm facing a problem when trying to create new directory server using DSCC.

Could not contact the DSCC agent on xxxxx. Use the command cacaoadm to check that the DSCC agent is installed and running on port 11162.

i did run the command

cacaoadm status

Cannot find property: [cacao.embedded].

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It could be the bug on your system, patch up your system first, apply the latest Recommended Patch Clusters and the J2SE Patch Clusters (for Java) or at least apply 123896-15 for your box and try again.
also have a look at: 


thank you yuzh for your help. i did apply 123896-14 and it fixed the problem

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