Outlook web access encountered a Web Browsing error

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Not sure what to make of this ... does oanypne have any idea ... Sometimes i get this kind of error ...
Outlook web access encountered a Web Browsing error.

Client Information
User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; Tablet PC 2.0; OfficeLiveConnector.1.3; OfficeLivePatch.0.0; InfoPath.2)
CPU Class: x86
Platform: Win32
System Language: en-us
User Language: en-us
CookieEnabled: true
Mime Types:

Exception Details
Date: Sun Jul 19 08:25:59 EDT 2009
Message: 'gtLV' is null or not an object
Url: https://domain.com/owa/8.1.375.2/scripts/premium/clistview.js
Line: 39

Call Stack

Dump Event
 recordset = null
 type = error
 fromElement = null
 toElement = null
 altLeft = false
 keyCode = 0
 repeat = false
 reason = 0
 data =
 behaviorCookie = 0
 source = null
 contentOverflow = false
 behaviorPart = 0
 url =
 dataTransfer = null
 ctrlKey = false
 shiftLeft = false
 dataFld =
 returnValue = undefined
 qualifier =
 wheelDelta = 0
 bookmarks = null
 button = 0
 srcFilter = null
 nextPage =
 cancelBubble = false
 x = 0
 y = 0
 srcElement = null
 screenX = 40
 screenY = 80
 srcUrn =
 origin =
 boundElements = [object]
 clientX = -149
 clientY = -138
 propertyName =
 shiftKey = false
 ctrlLeft = false
 offsetX = 0
 offsetY = 0
 altKey = false
 errorMessage = 'gtLV' is null or not an object
 errorUrl = https://domain.com/owa/8.1.375.2/scripts/premium/clistview.js
 errorLine = 39
 errorCharacter = 22
 errorCode = 0
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Brian HarringtonIT Manager

It's a javascript error.  Does it happen all the time when you view a certain page?


nope it jst happends here and there ... but is it on the owa side or the browser side ?  if possible how can i fix that ? thanks
IT Manager
Javascript errors happen on both sides of the equation.  It can be from the source or it could just be your browser being all weird (which does happen).  Is it just on one client, have you tried to repeat on other machines?
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good point will try to see if thats the case ..  thanks for now ...
I'm not able to fix this problem, I'm not sure from reading these post what the fix is.  
Brian HarringtonIT Manager

There really is no fix.  Javascript errors are arbitrary and browser dependent.  They normally don't interfere with the user experience.


how can it be javascript ? it seems to be the size ! lower size the "script" works larger size the "script" doesn't  hmmm sounds more like some other setting somewhere... but when what do i know...
Brian HarringtonIT Manager

Date: Sun Jul 19 08:25:59 EDT 2009
Message: 'gtLV' is null or not an object
Url: https://domain.com/owa/8.1.375.2/scripts/premium/clistview.js
Line: 39

That's the part where its a java script error.  If it can't render it in window, it will pop an error.  It may not be able to generate this object.


hmm it reders the error on the same spot where MS has its limit size error...  Its no a browser client error... is that what you are talking about ?
I'm trying to figure out if this issue is a client issue or a CAS Server issue.  
I found this post in another site. Has anyone tried this to see if it resolves the error:
I encountered this same error this morning using WinXPsp3 IE8 Exch2k7 OWA.  Tracing the clistview.js, line 39 is calling gtLV(event.srcElement) and attempting to set the .fFcs property to 1.  The problem appears to be that gtLV() is not returning a valid object.  The definition of gtLV() is while(o){if(o.lstvw)return o;o=o.parentElement;} meaning if the lstvw property of o evaluates to true return o otherwise set o to the parentElement of o.  If gtLV() loops through all the parent elements and doesn't find one where the lstvw property evaluates to true it doesn't return a valid object to the onFcsInLV() function on line 39.  It's not recommended to modify Exchange OWA files but changing line 39 to the following should prevent the Javascript error.

Original: function onFcsInLV(){gtLV(event.srcElement).fFcs=1;}
Modified: function onFcsInLV(){if(gtLV(event.srcElement))gtLV(event.srcElement).fFcs=1;}

This adds a check that only attempts to set fFcs to 1 if gtLV(event.srcElement) is valid.

Hi ksnb92058,

where can I edit that .JS file in my Exchange Server ?
Hi jjoz,
That wasn't my original post. I found it on another site.
I "assume"  search on the CAS server for the file called clistview.js, and that would be the one you edit.
I have not modified mine, though, as I have only one end user who has reported the issue. I don't want to potentially cause an issue for other users.
I may try it during a slow time. We are in very high volume usage time now.
I amagine you can just use notepad and edit it. Make a backup of the original first in case you need to roll back, eh.

ah yes, mate thanks for pointing to the right direction.

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