Exchange 2007 services will not start

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After a HD failure in a raid array my server restarted.
After this my exchange services will not start and I have strange reports in the application log.

Please can someone advise of a possible issue, fix, or where to look for more information.

one of my event logs is: msexchange common with id 4999

another one is: ms exchange server with id 5000

I will post more information when have it.

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Watson report about to be sent to dw20.exe for process id: 5444, with parameters: E12, c-RTL-AMD64, 08.01.0375.002, edgetransport, unknown, unknown, S.Security.SecurityException, 5739, unknown. ErrorReportingEnabled: True



EventType e12, P1 c-rtl-amd64, P2 08.01.0375.002, P3 edgetransport, P4 unknown, P5 unknown, P6, P7 5739, P8 unknown, P9 NIL, P10 NIL.


IT may be that the exchange database has been corrupted?
Can this be fixed with a utility.
I have been reading about EDB util, but do not know were to go to run it.
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SurajSenior System Engineer

paste the complete error event ids please..
there can be many causes...
SurajSenior System Engineer

which services are not starting??? transport ? or SA? or mailbox or what...????
Ypou shiould run th Adsi edit utilitiy that comes with exchange to perform consistantcy checking and remove corription.



services that will not start:
exchange > 
mail submission
mailbox assistant
replication service
service host
transport (this advises starting and no more)


Here is a screen shot of the event log messages


Almost found a fix

I removed all RUs i could.
(Iwas at RU8 and removed that + RU7 to leave me at six)
This left Exchange + Most services with the ability to start/work.
Just the transport service with the issue.
This allowed me to access Exchange console and run the recovery analysiser.
This found that I have been left with a dirty shutdown after a sub system HD issue (no sh*t)
I am in the process of checking and fixing the database using the util tools in Exchange - One being the EDB Util I had mentioned earlier.

I will let you know of results
SurajSenior System Engineer

nice to know :)


Can not get the transport service running - I think I need to restore it from a backup.

Does anyone know the best way to do this.

Because of failing backups I really only have a snapshot of the entire drive.
Have been reading about having to export the edge transport configuration file and restore that, but never exported.

Any ideas - can I just stop services and copy the data files back into C and restart services

ahh - help.

Have downloaded and tried the adsi tool - how to I check the data in the AD - where do i go to run commands

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