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I would like to install software (preferably freeware or cheap shareware) which will run silently in the background of my Vista desktop PC, which would allow me to connect from another computer on the network and monitor what the computer is up to (e.g. I'd like to view what is on the screen in real time and have the ability to close down applications or pop up messages on the Vista machine).

I have seen similar software in action maybe 10 years ago when I was still in school! I was working on the computer when the IT staff took over control remotely and started moving the mouse around and typing stuff. That's the kind of thing I am after.

I know there are various "viruses" or "trojans" that have done this in the past and probably still can do this, but I'm really looking for some legitimate software that does this.

I think it's always going to look suspicious when someone asks how to remotely control another PC! I just want to say that I own this machine, I have physical admin access to it at any time, I simply wish to monitor it whilst its in use (children). I'd so love to be able to move stuff around, just to remind them that I am watching. :o)

Many thanks
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I provide support to clients and many times I login remotely to see the problem and save time and gas to resolve it. I have an free account a where I add free accounts to each PC I need access to. There are two ways of building a lset of PC;'s you can access:

1. Go to each PC and log into your free account and add the PC as a free account in your profile.
2. Purchase a paid subscriotion to Logmein Rescue. This allows you to remotely login to any PC but requires the user to go to (once) and grant you access to that PC. After you get access, you can go to (while logged in) and added the PC to your profile as a free account.

I use this quite often and it woeks very well. the only requirement is the remote PC's must be left otherwise you cannot access them.

Let me know how if this resolves your situation.
I also like using teamviewer it like logmein

The logmein free account never expires. I've had mine for 18 months and it has worked like a dream. I use it two to three times a day seven days a week with NO COST....

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The thing with logmein and teamviewer is that the user will be able to see when someone is connected to that computer. It shows a message on the top right corner for logmein showing someone is connected. You could try something like vnc , I don't think the user will know you are connected when using this but you have to be on the same network. It is more "stealthy".
Yes, if there is a user at the PC they will see you, but if you are helping them, this should not be an issue.

If this is an issue and there is a static IP at their side, you can install and run RDP in Windows but Logmein is a much easier and trouble free product. I use it everyday.
DameWare Remote Control
Dameware is good, Others I have used that are adequate, Network Lookout Administrator, Radmin, and VNC. But all of these cost money except VNC. VNC does display an Icon in System Tray.
Logmein Free is also Totally free.
pendulumx: Have you looked at the logmein service? You can experiment with it easily by doing the following at NO COST:

1. From your home PC, go to
2. Sign up for a free account
3. While logged into, click My Computers and select Add Computer
4. Select the FREE account
5. Allow the Activex to install and you should be ready to log into your home PC from work.
6. At work, log into with your username and password
7. You should seee your home PC listed, click on it and type in the username and password of that PC or the access code (if that PC has no password)
8. You should now be on your home PC's desktop.
9. Click the square in upper right hand corner to change to full screen,

Hope this helps,

O. PierruSystem admin


I thought LogMeIn Free was only for Home and Personal Use, no?

I have been using it with no problems. Try it and see for yourself.
O. PierruSystem admin

I know it works forever even if functionalities for IT administration are limited in the free version.

My question was: does the free licence allows us to use the software professionally, especially as IT consultants... I doubt it.

I don't know. You would have to read the license agreement.
O. PierruSystem admin

OK, thank you.


Thank you, I settled for TeamViewer as that was free and it does the job, it's not "stealth" and the person can see when I am connected but this is no big deal. Thank you.

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