Service Pack for Win XP Pro-balance between security and memory available.

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I have a Win XP Pro with a version of windows 5.1 (Build 2600.xpclient.010817-1148). I believe it is RTM.

Obviously, I need to install some Service Packs. My limitation is that the laptop has only 512 MB ram.

What may be a good balance for me to install enough SP that it is secure enough, but not too much that it bogs down on the memory.

Would it be ok to avoid SP3 because it may consume lot of memory?

Is SP2 a happy medium?

Thanks for any thoughts?
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SP2 will run quite well in 512Mb. SP3 requires 1Gb to perform properly. What I would recommend is to upgrade to 1Gb, update critical drivers (video, audio, wired ethernet, wireless ethernet and any other critical drivers) then do all the updates up to but excluding SP3, then download and install SP3. ... Thinkpads_User
You will need more memory for SP3 no doubt. Memory is cheap now-a-days. You can read hear about the security improvements with sp3

this link is about performance between sp2 and sp3.

I never feel secure without the full updates, but that is just me. Pretty good stuff in those articles.

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