Final Cut Pro render farm?

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I'm editing HD, 2k videos with a 4-core Mac Pro.
The problem is that I need to do some heavy rendering jobs that can take over 10 hours.
Using a 8-core Mac Pro would reduce the problem, but still not very effective...

I heard using render farms can be effective for this kind of jobs, but I have no idea what it is.. other than that it's a bunch of computers working together.

Is it possible to build a render farm for Final Cut Pro?
If not, what about other programs like Premiere?

What can I do to reduce the rendering time?

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What can I do to reduce the rendering time<< exactly what are you renderring ie  editing?
converting them?


mostly FCP video filters.. for example, radial blur

They are talking about clusters which is not supported
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so is it not possible?
clustering? no,
 but there is virtual cluster
you need Qmaster installed with Compressor
I can't really say but those who have tried it say no but Compressor can
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.

Actually, a fairly effective method is with an xServe. If you have a network of Macs you can configure distributive processing. This would act just like a rendering farm.
There are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.
Sorry not x grid but a Final Cut server with do what you are asking about for a Rendering Farm.. IT costs $999USD and can install on any Mac and not just an xServe

What it Does:
Final Cut Server, can distributed Proxy transcoding and Video Transcoding to a Qmaster Cluster. Let's say you had 3 Nehalem Xserves, with 8-Cores each all setup and configured as a Qmaster Cluster. Taking a 7 hour long ProRes HQ SD sequence create and MPEG_2 single pass video in 28 minutes. Qmaster accomplished this by splitting groups of frame across, individual processing cores.

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