SBS 2003 Move 'Users Shared Folder' from C: to D: drive

cliffordgormley used Ask the Experts™
I have SBS 2003 with latest SP.
The 'Users Shared Folders' folder/share resides on the system drive / C: drive.
In case I have to reformat the C: drive, I would like to place the 'Users Shared Folders' folder/share onto the D: drive.

Being that this is SBS, is there was 'special' way to do this, i.e. using a Wizard, etc.?

Thank you
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There isn't a wizard to do it, but it can be done pretty easily.

All you have to do is copy the shared users folder from the C: to the D: then stop the users folder being shared on the C: and share the users folder on the D: with the same name that it had on the C: and everything will work normally!

Hope that helps!
You need this document, if you are just doing the Users Shared Folders, then it is just step 3.....The above comment is pretty much correct, but this document will also tell you how to retain the permission and quota settings, etc.  Also if you want to move other things off the C drive like the share point databases, etc.

Asif BacchusI.T. Consultant

Are you looking to redirect the My Documents, Desktop, etc. folders of your users to a new location?  If so, I suggest doing it via Group Policy (User Configuration > Windows Settings > Folder Redirection).  Good link with an overview at which is helpful in setting things up.  You can just specific a shared folder on your D: drive and once the user logs in once (to complete the migration) copy their old files to the new location.

Sorry if I misunderstood your question otherwise I hope this helps.

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