Best way to convert DB resultset into JSON string?

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I'm currently trying to populate a jQGrid with the results from a database query. jQgrid accepts either XML or JSON in order to populate the grid, but I'd like to use a JSON string. What is the best way to take the resultset from a database query and convert it into a JSON string? Thanks.
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Can you show us an example JSON string ResultSet?


I need the string to be formatted like the attached snippet.. I've been trying to follow this guide: but the only thing I'm unsure about is the method he uses to convert his results over to a json string.

{"page":"1","records":5,"rows": [ 
    {"cell":["Blue","This is blue"],"id":1}, 
    {"cell":["Green","This is green"],"id":2}, 
    {"cell":["Re","This is red"],"id":3}, 
    {"cell":["Black","This is Black"],"id":4}, 
    {"cell":["Purple","This is purple"],"id":5} 

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My reading is that he uses to serialize it to a String using the code he gives
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Just store your result set in a List and then use the code at the link to generate the json

while ( {
     JQGridRow row = new JQGridRow();
     List cells = new ArrayList();


// now serialize with whatever serializer you use, eg.

JSONSerializer serializer = new JSONSerializer();
String jsonResult = serializer.exclude("*.class").deepSerialize(json);

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