select query on linked server

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SELECT * FROM linkedserver.database.dbo.table

when i do this .. when i execute this .. the query will be rebuild too:

SELECT * FROM linkedserver.database.dbo.table AS newtablename

i dont want that to happen .. i just need the original tablename from the linked server.

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Open a query window and write your query.  Not sure where you are seeing this tablename being changed - but a query window won't change it.


my bad .. i'm writing this in a view.. building a view

Okay, then what is the problem with using an alias for the table name?  This won't cause any issues for your view.
However, using '*' in the view will definitely have problems.  You need to specify the columns you want in the view.
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the "AS newtablename" just put's an alias to the table for the query.
it will not rename the table as such

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