How can I block or deny download files from internet?

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Dear Friends,

I have an issue with ISA server 2006 as follow:

- I need to block a group of users from downloading specific extensions from internet .
- ISA is configured as a proxy and caching server.

I know that GFI or WebSense can do that . but i need to make it from isa itself.

Can you please help here.

Thank You.
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1. Go to Toolbox (Right side) and create URL Set for your denied sites, and Create User Set (under Users page).
2. Firewall policy, New Access Rule ...
3. Choose Deny, Selected protocols: http+https
  for source choose: Intrnal
  for destination choose your definied URL Set
  for users choose your user group.
4. Set correct order for your deny rule:
  Before access rule for users, but after rules that enabled for "All Users" (if any).

There is another trick you can do to prevent users form downloading.
I think that by selecting sites and by creating Deny URL groups it s a static solution.
You can prevent downloading by group policy.
Go to the Grou Policy mmc - User configuration - Windows Settings - Internet Explorer Maintenance - Security.
Open the security zones and content rating.
In the window that opens select the security zones and privacy and click the import settings.
The windows that opens is familiar.
So for the sites that you want to users to download files you put them in the trust sites
all the other from the custom level select prevent dowloading files.

Tha bad thing for this is that you can do it only for IE and not for Mozilla, but i was reading somewhere that there is an add on for Mozilla to customize it through group policy
On the access rule ,right click and choose Configure HTTP , on the Extensions tab , add the extensions you want to deny.
Right click on Access rule >> properties>>contant Types>> then selsect the contants you want to allw or deny ( Based on Action TAB)

note: you can define a new access type.

Thanks !

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