How to teminate lease line on my 2811 router

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Hi guys,

I want to terminate my lease line on my 2811 router. but the problem is I dont know on which interface I should put the lease line on. the configs that I have been given is terminating it on serial interface but I dont have a serial interface on my router.

I have 2 Fast ethernet ports available  and I have just installed a PRI module on my router as well.

Can some one tell me what to do?

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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network Manager

1) What type of lease line is it?
2) Is this a P2P connection?
3) What Info has your service provider given you aobut the new link?

What kind of lease line do you have? Does it come with a DSU? Some DSU can hand off an ethernet cable instead of a V.35 or serial connection.


its a 2 mbps lease line and i have installed a PRI module e0 for that .... i m suppose to do some configs on the serial interface  but my router does not have any .. and i dont know where i can give those ip address that i m suppose to give on to the serial interface...
It you have a leased line, intended as a data circuit, not voice, that you don't have the right cards. You'll need a serial card or a T1 card (depends on the type of leased line!) with the approriate cable that will convert the interface from the DSU side (v35 or x21) to serial. Some DSU also terminate with 75 ohm coax cabling that you'll have to convert to rj45 120ohm with a balun, and then connect to the T1 interface. You'll have to show us a photo of your dsu connection (the DSU is the box that the Telco terminates your circuit to) to better help you!

Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division
Top Expert 2010

Could you shopw me show diag?

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