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I've created a document which creates address labels from a OO calc sheet. Some of the records in the sheet have empty fields.

If all fields are filled, this is the result:

postal code, city

Many records have an empty address2 field. In case that happens, I don't want to print an empty line, but have the pc/city line move up. Is it possible to do this?
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I may need more information to be able to assist.  Is the document you created a OOo Writer Document?  If so, then do View >> Field Names (Cntrl + F9).  Then find the field you want to hide.  Right after that field, choose Insert >> Fields >> Other (Cntrl F2).  Then select the Functions tab.  In type select Hidden Paragrah.  For Condition, put ![ your field name] (That is the exclamation point, then a open bracket, then the field name information, then the close bracket).  Then click Insert.

Now you should be able to merge your document with it hiding those fields.  If this does not work, it might help if you posted your documents for me to see what you are actually doing.

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Excellent! Thanks a lot!!!

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