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i would like to get a iphone to use with my server which is running 2003 exchange server sbs.

I was thinking of getting the phone from at @ t then syncing to my exchange server with the data plan

Is it that simple -- the verizon blackberry requires a 50 plan plus the BES server or the desktop sync software -- seems like it would be much easier to use the iphone to connect to exchange

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Yes all you need is the IPhone with the Enterprise Data plan, and it will sync to Exchange 2003 and 2007 with out issue.  You will set it up just like a windows mobile phone. I.E. server name (oustide add like mail.domain.com), internal domain, etc. I do suggest having a public certificate on the exchange server.
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iPhones work incredibly well with SBS but SBS needs to be setup properly to have Actiesync work.
If you cannot get it to work by followin mikeewalton's advice, make sure you have Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 installed on the server and visit https://testexchangeconectivity.com to see what the problems are.
The usual problems are incorrectly configured IIS Virtual Directories - requiring SSL when you should not and incorrect authentication, not to mention requiring Forms Based Authentication.
I won't go into them here unless you need to, but if you get stuck, come back for more infe, posting the results of the Exchange test from the link above.
you can get it to sync with out SSL by creating an exception in the iphone but it will log errors everytime it syncs, however for security purposes always use a valid SSL from one of the main providers.

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