How To Create a database in SQL 2005

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I have just installed SQL2005 Standard upon a Win2K3 server and would like to know how to go about creating a database to use. Also during the installation, i was not prompted to create or setup a sa user account or password. Why is this?

Upon opening the Management Studio, i get a Connect to Server window with three fields, Server Type, Server Name & Authentication. Upon browsing for Local Servers, that field is empty. Can however browse to other instances of SQL 2000.

As you can see, i am new to SQL 2005 having previously only used and worked with SQL2000.


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AneeshDatabase Consultant
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you have to enter the Servername you have to enter the instance name (if you have multiple instances you must enter them in thid format ServerName\InstanceName
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You can also look into SQL Server 2005 Books Online, for more information about it 



In Object Explorer, there is no instance of the SQL Server Database Engine to expand.
Please also review the screen shots.
Not sure whether this is relevant, but i had a lot of difficulty installing the SQL Server Management Studio.


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