XP SP3 - multiple VLAN with a single network card

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Is it possible to have a single network card on a PC, running Win XP Sp3, connect to two different VLAN?
Where should I look in the NIC configuration to configure the tagging of packets?
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This is possible if the NIC is capable.  I do not know of any desktop NICs that are capable of doing that but the Broadcom's and Intels that I manage in my servers can do this, though I don't see why they you couldn't put a PCI 32bit version in a desktop to get the same result.

I would doubt that any standard desktop NIC will have that feature, for a less expensive or easier way out you could just use two NICs.

Hope that helps

Buy NIC card with 802.1q capability and you should configure the port as trunk port. Same way you must configure switch port as trunk passing the desired VLANs.


Hi. I have a Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller on a Dell Inspiron 9300. I don't think is 802.1q capable. I needed it for managing my internal network, accessing my 2 VLAN's without reconfiguring the Switch all the time.

In the available propert1es I read only 802.1p QOS, I'll try updating the drivers.

Thanks for setting me in the right direction. I'll make sure I check the NIC of my next laptop (it's about time to change it).

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