Keep same server name for DC because of mapped drives?

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I am in the process of upgrading a 2003 DC to a 2008 DC on a separate box.  Our 2003 box is also a file and print server, and our users have many excel files, etc that make specific reference to mapped drives or links etc that recognize the server name of our existing 2003 DC.  Long story short, I was reading about this process and KCTS (a high ranking member here) said that it's not necessary for the new server to have the same name as the old, that scripting could be used in this scenario to make same-name retention a non-issue.  Does anyone know anything about this, or what other options are?  Thanks.
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It's poor practice to require the server name be the same - it creates this kind of problem.

As suggested, use a logon script.  the commands are pretty simple:

NET USE X: \\Server\Share /Y

If you need more specific information, post exactly what you need.


If the excel document references \\servername\share\user_directory then the link won't work anymore, correct?
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Correct - but why would your excel document reference that?  it SHOULD reference a drive letter.

If you don't want to correct this now, it just means it will have to be corrected later AND you'll have more work to do now and later.

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