super.exe Is this a program I should get rid of it?

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How do I get rid of it?
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Here's some information that will help:

Check it out.
I have had this false positive come up if is installed. I dont doubt that there are viruses that use this filename though so I would be check that the file is what you expected.
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If you didn't install or don't recognize that program then delete it or scan the system with antivirus or anti-spyware scanners.

Have you rightclicked on that file and what does it say in its properties? If it's not a legit program then remove it.

Scan with Hijackthis and show us the log.

Or use MalwareBytes and or Combofix and show us the logfiles:


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You can upload it on to find out if its a harmful program or not. If it is, then use the tools suggested by above experts to remove it from your PC.


All answers helped me realize that I did not have a virus but a legitimate program installed. I then searched for another problem area and discovered  my 100% cpu was caused by CyberSitter 10 not installing bec of Comodo firewall
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