which COMPACT shoots good HD?

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hello I want to ditch my camcorder, but I have yet to find a decent point and shoot COMPACT which can do that.  Does anyone have any PERSONAL EXPERIENCE they can share?  All the compacts seem to do a reasonable still shot.  Now who can manage both video and stills?  Also, wide angle lens would be nice.

thank you!
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For true HD video of a quality worth bothering with, I'd take a look at the Sony DSC-HX1 (my first link below). At around $450 street, it is a decent camera for HD video, and a great camera for still shots. A second recommendation, a bit more expensive, is the Canon SX1 IS (second link below). The Sony DSC-T500 (third link), which has gotten excellent reviews for its 720P video, has also been criticized for exceptionally short battery life when shooting video. It's about $250 at Amazon, but you'll need a memory card and likely an additional battery.




lherrou - thanks - and SORRY I should have been more specific.

I meant COMPACT, point-and-shoot - small, POCKET-size, cameras!
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Did you look at my third link above, for the Sony DSC-T500? There's also the Samsung SL820, but all reviews pretty much give a thumbs down. Cameras with true HD video at 720p and above, especially in the point-and-shoots, are just coming on the market. There aren't a lot of them, there aren't a lot of well-done reviews of the ones that are on the market, and the prices are probably a bit high still.

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